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Newari Food

Newari Culture is one sub-division of Nepali Culture. The reason I brought up Newari food is because this culture has the most celebrated food variety in the country, and these dishes taste great. Newari people make different kinds of food in different occasions, represting their own cultural and ethical values. There are now a days lots of Newari food shops in Nepal which serve these wonderful dishes anytime you like.
Here are some of the Newari Food i have preferred.

Yomari is a sweet meal made of rice flour dough( culturally made when farmer bring the new  harvest)  It is shaped like a fig which is filled with Sweet Sugarcane named Sakkhar and Chaku, with seasame seeds which is then steamed. This food taste really great and loved by all.
Yamari Yomari

Bara is basically a patty made of Lentil, prepared by deep frying. These are also one very popular Newari dish.
Bara Newari food

Click for recipe of bara..
Gwarmari are some really delighting traditional Newari breakfast. These are very simple food made by deep frying plain flour mixed with some kind of spices but taste great to have with tea in your breakfast.

Chwyela is another perfect Newari Non vegetarian dish, made specially of Buff, or lamb. These are made in any Newari feasts. These are basically spicy meat varieties that taste great.

There are other many Newari food varieties. Please let me know if you are interested in Newari food now, and I would be happy to share my Knowledge on these Delicious Newari Food, and also share their recipes.

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  1. I am looking for the recipe for Gwarmari. Does anyone have it.

  2. Today is 29 Jan still waiting Gwarmari receipe....

    I am sorry for being late :)

  4. I'm little surprised while in search for newari food blogs that despite there are so many varieties in newari foods, the people are only adding 4-5 varieties of newari foods only. It seems that even newari people have to investigate or have to do little more research for newari cuisine.

  5. @Anish : Thank you for the comment, I have tried to include different food varieties in my blog and above recipes are few of my collections, newari food is one of my interest among Many.. I'll try to include more recipes as the time goes by :D!

  6. Hello!
    Can you please put fini roti recipe as well??

    1. my mom knows how to cook fini roti.

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