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Momo Recipe Veg and Non Veg

Momo Recipe
Momo Recipe

Momo are some mouth watering Asian food. Momos may be new kind of food for a lot of people but try it and I am sure you'll love it!! There can be Veg. Momos, Chicken Momos, Buff Momos etc.
Here I want to share you a common recipe to make different momos particularly Vegetarian Momo and Non Veg Momo and It's sauce.

  1. Wrapper: 
    • Plain flour (2 cups)
    • Water
     2.  Filling:
    • Minced meat - 500 gms (Can be chicken, buff or pork) Only for Non veg momo
    • Minced Onions
    • 1 tbsp Crushed ginger
    • 1-2 tbs Crushed Garlic
    • Coriander chopped
    • 2 Green Chillies
    • Salt to taste
    • Garam Masala
    • 2 tbs. Oil
    • For Vegetarian Momo include following Recipes (Instead of Minced Meat)
      • Cabbage( 1cups)
      • Raddish finely chopped(1/2 cups)
      • Green Peas (1/2 cups)
  • Finely chop all the Filling ingredients together and mix them well together.
  • Add oil to the mixture.
  • To make the Dough:
    • Dough to make Momo
      Dough for Momo Wrapper
    • Add water slowly to the flour and mash it to make a dough. The dough should neither be too firm nor too soft.                                             
    • Now Roll out the dough to make thin 8-10 cm circles.
Rolling out the dough for Momo
Roll out the dough
  • Now take a dollop of mixture about a table spoon and place it at the middle of a circle.
  • Wet the edges of the circle and stick the edges strongle. You can try to make the shapes as below to make your momo look good.
Momo Shapes
Momo shape 1

Momo Shapes
Momo shape 2

Momo shape 3
  • Boil a pan of water with a steaming pot on top of it. Oil the base of the steaming pot where you will keep your moms to steam.
  • Keep a few momo on the steam pot and steam them for about 5-7 minutes (at most 5 minutes for Veg Momos)
Steaming Momo
Steaming Momo

  • Now your momo is cooked and ready to be served with Sauce. (tomato and coriander sauce or you can simply use ready-made tomato ketchup and chili sauce)
Momo Served
Momo Ready and Served

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