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What are Sausages made of? , How are sausage prepared?

Okay... so Sausage is one very common food all over the world. People have sausage in their regular dinners, hot dogs, pizzas, and there over a hundred recipes of Sausages. But very less know what Sausage actually is?, besides it is a non veg item.
Sausage is basically a food made of Ground meat, often containing herb, spices and salt. It's derived from Latin word Saussiche meaning Salted.
How are Sausage made

Now, What is sausage casing made of?
Sausage Casing are traditionally made of Cleaned intestines respective animals and other traditional puddings. But some Industrially prepared Sausages are made of Plastic casings (..don't worry Edible plastic casings :) )
Sausage then contain of Ground meat often ground or cut into pieces and filled into the casing. There is fat content of generally 30-50%. Traditional Sausages do not use any kind of fillers, but commercially prepared sausage contain bread and starch based fillers. These filler help Sausage be in shape and also flavors can be added to the sausage with help of these fillers.

Vegetarian Sausage:
Sausages are mostly pictured as Non Veg items but some countries prepare vegetarian sausages too. Vegetarian Sausages are made of tofu, starch, nuts, pulses, and basically combination of those ingredients that  hold together like Non Vegetarian Sausage while cooking. 
Vegetarian Sausage
vegetarian sausage

These sausage are made to taste much like the non vegetarian sausages with help of spices and flavors. The First Vegetarian Sausage was Soya Sausage made in Germany in 1916 AD known as Cologne sausage.

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  1. What are sausages really made of. What do they smell like when get the meat.