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TV Cooking Shows

Those who love to cook always seek to experiment with their ingredients and cooking methods so as to create new delicacies. Learning new ways of cooking, exploring newer food varieties and furthermore watching such Cooking programs on Television, they all lure the appetite of Cooking Lovers. That might be the reason we have a lot of new TV shows on our TV channels on cooking, some teach you how to cook, in some there are competitions and in some there are Celebrities who learn to cook and all such entertainment with Cooking things.
I wanted to share the updates, interesting facts, cooking celebrity figures, and recipes from such shows in my blog and hence created this page. Here are some very popular and successful TV Cooking Shows.

MasterChef is a TV cooking competition game show franchise, having their own versions in now a lots of countries including Australia, United States, UK etc. This Show started as Masterchef in 1990 with BBC. Afterwards many countries adopted this Cooking show using the same logo. Here are some of those Masterchef TV shows that became the most successful.

  • MasterChef Australia.:
    • MasterChef Australia is the most popular and the most successful Masterchef franchise obviously adopted by Australia and telecasted in Network Ten. It has successfully finished 3 seasons and currently preparing for the fourth season.
  • Masterchef USA:
  • Masterchef USA
    • MasterChef USA is an American competitive cooking show that aired in PBS on 2000 up until 2001. The series was hosted by Gary Rhodes, and was considered as a hit among cooking shows of PBS. The series was directly formatted from BBC's MasterChef, which used Rhodes as host during 2001.The show had two seasons.
  • MasterChef UK:
    • MasterChef UK is a BBC television cooking game show. It initially ran from 1990 to 2001 and was later revived in a different format known as MasterChef Goes Large from 2005 onwards. In 2008, the "Goes Large" part of the name was dropped, but the format remains identical. The revamped format was devised by Karen Ross and John Silver, who updated the original Franc Roddam format.

Nigella Kitchen TV show
Nigella Kitchen:
Nigella Kitchen is a TV cooking show hosted by gorgeous Nigella Lawson, a food writer, journalist and TV show host. In Nigella Kitchen, Nigella shares her recipes in every episodes and teaches her cooking tips and techniques. Nigella Lawson is a very famous English food writer who has won multiple awards for her very successful Cookbooks. 

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